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Knysna Veterinary Clinic is a mixed veterinary practice situated in the beautiful and environmentally diverse Garden Route.


We predominantly work from our well equipped veterinary hospital in Knysna but have recently expanded to a fully functional and independent theatre and hospital in Sedgefield and a brand new consulting room and vetshop in Wilderness.


The term “mixed” embodies what all of us at the clinic appreciate about living and working in this area. No two days are ever the same. We may be visiting a dairy farm in the morning, treating your pet in Knysna or at our Sedgefield or Wilderness branches, looking at a horse later that day, and doing some challenging small animal surgery when a wild creature in need of help arrives at our clinic.


We enjoy being all-rounders, working at our steadily evolving hospital in the center of Knysna as well as being out in the country amongst the mountains and forests.


Our team of six experienced veterinary surgeons and two veterinary nurses all Onderstepoort-qualified, together with our longstanding support staff enjoy the challenges this diverse work creates. We constantly strive to provide the best service and cutting edge veterinary science.



Dr Rolf Lamprecht

My career choice as a veterinarian was born from my love of nature. From childhood the scientist in me yearned to explore wild places and the creatures that occurred in them. I have an urge to find out how things work. My job as a vet in Knysna very much fulfills this yearning. As a mixed practitioner I encounter a myriad of different challenges every day. In the morning I might be out with cattle or horses, and later that day find myself doing intricate surgery on a dog or cat. I love the combination of mental and physical work and I also get the oppurtunity to do a fair amount of wildlife work. I am very much a family man enjoying raising my children in this beautiful area with my supportive wife.

Veterinarian - Knysna

Dr Mark Shortreed

Born in Honeydew JHB, my love for animals and the outdoors in general was entrenched from an early age. After matriculating from Parktown Boys, I studied Veterinary Science the following year. My time spent at Onderstepoort was a challenging yet festive affair, and I enjoyed student life to the full. In 2003 I qualified from OP and was keen to make my mark. I worked in JHB, England, Pretoria and Cape Town before finding myself in Knysna in 2008. Mixed practice life in Knysna offers everything I desire for both work and play. My loving wife Sylvia and I have found our place in the world.

Veterinarian - Knysna

Dr Sylvia Shortreed

Mark and I moved to Knysna 8 years ago from Fish Hoek to enjoy a more rural environment and all the Garden Route has to offer. Settling down in this beautiful town and caring community has been easy, and now with two young children I look forward to raising them in this town we call home.  A working day at Knysna Vets is filled with interesting cases, friendly clients and supportive collegues who have become friends. Life in Knysna as a working mom vet is a good one!

Veterinarian - Knysna

Dr Craig Macfarlane

Veterinarian - Knysna

Dr Johan Eksteen

Hailing from the Northern Free State, and after qualifying from Onderstepoort in 2004, I first joined the Knysna Vets team in December of 2004. Together with my wife Jeanne-Marie we moved to the UK in 2007 where we both gained valuable experience in veterinary practice until we returned in 2014. Since returning home we have been blessed by the birth of our son Christiaan in March of 2015, and he is looking forward to becoming an older brother in September 2016.


Dr Jeanne-Marie Eksteen

I was born and raised in Vaalharts in the Northern Cape. After qualifying from Onderstepoort in 2005, I moved to Sedgefield. My husband and I got married in 2007, and soon after moved to the UK where we lived for 7 years, working, travelling and gaining experience. I love hiking and running, especially trail running. I also enjoy a bit of cycling and swimming, although since our firstborn arrived in 2015, I have been doing very little else but running after him. We are very fortunate to live on a farm where we can all enjoy and appreciate nature and being outdoors.


Sr Anna-Lize van Taak

Gracie and I moved to Knysna in 2012 and never looked back! I grew up in Hermanus & enjoy the outdoors, running, horse riding and dog agility. Loving Knysna and all it has to offer.

Veterinary Nurse - Knysna

Sr Luana Landman

My name is Luana Landman. I recently moved to Knysna to live a more relaxing and outdoors lifestyle. I have worked at  a practice in Pretoria for the past 5 years mostly in the surgery department. I have a passion for soft tissue as well as orthopaedic surgery. In my spare time I enjoy running and most other outdoor activities.

Veterinary Nurse - Knysna

Karin Rademeyer-Pretorius

I love the beauty and diversity of the Garden route, and feel privileged living in such a spectacular place. When not at work I enjoy spending my time with my children, Lilani and Charl. I love hiking, kayaking and exploring our beautiful beaches.  


Practice Manager

Paula Draper

I have been with the Knysna Vets for 5 years. I am an accomplished horsewoman, enjoy gardening and spending time with my three year old son, Robbie.

Receptionist - Knysna

Seqel Lewis

I’ve been in the Garden Route for 10 years, enjoying hiking in the forests in my free time. I am also a mother to one busy little boy and my partner and I look forward to raising him in the picturesque setting of our lovely town.


Receptionist - Knysna

Karin van Asten

After several holidays in South Africa I finally decided in 2004 to swap Amsterdam’s city life for the calm and serene beauty of the Cape. I joined the staff of the Knysna Veterinary Clinic in April 2018 where I have settled in well and thoroughly enjoy my present position.  


Dorianne Munro

After spending the past six years working in the busy, private mega yacht industry abroad, I am happy to settle down in beautiful Knysna with my fiancé and our two Border Collies. I grew up in the Garden Route and attended York High School in George. After being overseas for a long period, it’s so nice to be back home.

Receptionist - Knysna

Barbara Almeida

I live in Sedgefield. I have 3 beautiful daughters, 3 dogs and 3 cats.  My hobby is to work in the garden and to spend time with my four legged children. I love working with people and to help stray and sick animals. I've been working with this wonderful clinic for over 12 years.

Receptionist - Sedgefield

Megan Justino

I grew up in the Knysna / Sedgefield area and I love living in this part of the world and being outdoors.

I have 2 dogs of my own which keep me busy. I love working at a Veterinary Clinic as I get to meet many different types of animal and I find this job very interesting. 

Receptionist - Sedgefield

Lisa Minnaar

Lisa welcomes you to the Wilderness branch.  After leaving Pretoria 10 years ago, I am now firmly entrenched in the local community and lifestyle unique to Wilderness. Being a compassionate animal lover, I am dedicated to the well-being of pets and owners alike.  Through my work at Knysna Vets and my involvement in welfare projects, I hope to make a difference in this little part of the world that I'm privileged to call "home".

Receptionist - Wilderness

Sinethemba Zicina

My name is Sinethemba. Some people call me Themba. I am the kennel man at the Knysna Vet. I love helping animals, and seeing them get better. For me it's not just the well-being of the pets that are important, but also that of the pet's family. In my free time I play football for the Knysna Celtics, and spend time with my girlfriend, and my son Sinepho.

Kennelman - Knysna

Veronica Zilindile

Ronnie loves animals and has been with the Knysna Vets for 19 years. She is a mom to three children. 

Kennel staff - Knysna

Sindi Khuphiso

I am Sindi & I live in Şedgefield. I enjoy working at the Sedgefield branch as a cleaning lady. I have been working here from June 2015. I have a beautiful daughter called Noenoe. I also have a dog called Whiskey. I enjoy reading magazines and watching movies. My favourite movies is Mr Bones and Mama Jack.

Cleaning staff - Sedgefield

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We at Knysna Veterinary Clinic are passionate about veterinary science 

as a profession.


We encourage young aspiring veterinarians to spend time at the practice to gain work experience. Pre and primary school tours are provided.

 Learners from the age of 16 are welcome to enquire about our “job shadowing program”.


Students registered for the BVSc degree  are also welcome to do electives with us as part of their training. Please contact Karin Rademeyer-Pretorius

 for more information.


MAR 2018

Dental month

FREE dental checks and 10% OFF all dental treatments during the month of March 2018

10% off all dental

JUL 2017

10% off any Arthritis consultations & Xrays

Plus qualify for a FREE GCS powder

10% off Arthritis Consultations

MAR 2017

Dental month

FREE dental checks and 10% OFF all dental treatments during the month of March 2017

10% off all dental

AUG 2016

10% off dental during AUG 2016

10% off all dental procedures plus a FREE dental consultation with a veterinary nurse during AUG 2016

Please call us to make an appointment on:


Knysna 044 382 1844    Sedgefield 044 343 2959    Wilderness 044 877 0629

10% off dental

JUL & AUG 2016

Feline Leukemia Awareness Campaign

Our Knysna, Sedgefield and Wilderness branches are running a special offer to promote awareness of Feline Leukemia and to encourage you to have your cat tested. Offer valid for JUL & AUG 2016.

R450 for blood-test and vaccination

May 2016

Sterilisation promotion month

10% off all animal sterilisations during the month of May 2016 at Knysna Veterinary Clinic.

Please call us to make an appointment on:


Knysna 044 382 1844    Sedgefield 044 343 2959    Wilderness 044 877 0629

10% off

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20 Trotter Street

Tel:  044 382 1844

Email:  vets@knysnavet.co.za


Consulting hours:

MON-FRI 08:00-13:00 / 15:30-17:30

SAT 08:30-12:30



4 Houtappel Centre

Main Service Road, Ext 1

Tel:  044 343 2959

Email:  vets@knysnavet.co.za


Consulting hours:

MON-THU 08:00-12:00 / 15:00-17:30

FRI 08:00-13:00  

SAT 09:00-11:00




Shop 6, Milkwood Village

Tel: 044 877 0629

Email: vets@knysnavet.co.za


Consulting hours:

MON / WED / FRI  09:00-13:00






What is Feline Leukemia Virus?

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) is a contagious and potentially fatal virus in the feline community (it cannot be spread to another species).  It is a retrovirus that adversely affects the cat’s body in many ways.  It commonly causes cancer and various blood disorders that could lead to a state of immune deficiency hindering the cat’s ability to protect itself against bacteria and viruses found in our everyday environment.  These secondary infections are responsible for many of the diseases associated with FeLV.

How is FeLV spread?

The virus is shed in very high quantities in the saliva and nasal secretions, but also in urine, faeces and milk from infected mothers.  Cat-to-cat transfer is often caused from a bite wound but could also spread through mutual grooming and the sharing of litter boxes and food dishes.

How is FeLV diagnosed?

Your veterinarian will have to do a blood test to diagnose FeLV.  This is done quickly in the consult room using a test that will show results for both FeLV and FIV (Feline Aids).  The results are available immediately.


In the early stages it is common for cats to exhibit NO SIGNS of disease at all.  However over time - months, or even years – the cat’s health may progressively deteriorate or be characterised by recurrent illness interspersed with periods of relative health.

Symptoms can include:

Loss of appetite                                                                                              Slow but progressive weight loss

Poor coat condition                                                                                       Abscesses

Pale gums and other mucous membranes                                               Inflammation of the gums and mouth

Infections of the skin                                                                                     Urinary tract infections

Upper respiratory infections                                                                        Persistent diarrhoea

Persistent fever                                                                                              Eye conditions

Seizures and behavioural changes                                                             Enlarged lymph nodes

Preventing FeLV

It is important to take steps to prevent your cat contracting FeLV.  Vaccines are available for cats not already infected with FeLV and should be given annually. 


As a result of increasing numbers of domestic cats being diagnosed with FeLV in our area, the Knysna Veterinary Clinic in Knysna, Sedgefield and Wilderness is presenting a special offer to “TEST & VACCINATE” during July and August 2016. Call Knysna on 044-3821844, Sedgefield on 044-3432959 or Wilderness on 044-8770629 for details.